In Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), the possibility of getting pregnant is heightened in comparison with many other treatments. At Fertility First IVF Centre, we proceed only after you are sure about the treatment. We have a team of doctors who have deep knowledge of the treatment method and are ready to actively serve you.

Why We Have The Best ICSI Treatment In Kerala?

In our hospital, we make sure that you are comfortable with the treatment, and educate you on the whole details of the procedure. The treatment starts only when you are fully aware of it and with your consent. 

What Is ICSI?

ICSI, an infertility treatment, can be said as an advanced form of IVF. It is used to fertilise the egg, and to help in the further journey of this healthy embryo to develop into a foetus. 

What Happens In An ICSI Treatment?

ICSI treatment is a solution when you have an extremely low sperm count. The method singles out the healthy and right sperm and injects it into the egg in a lab. The fertilised eggs are then placed in the uterus.