Infertility can be defined as the inability to conceive naturally even after year-long attempts using the right methods. Someone who has conceived in the past facing difficulty in conceiving again can have secondary infertility. Whereas, primary infertility is when someone faces difficulty conceiving for the first time. 

Why You Should Visit The Best Infertility Hospital In Kerala?

You need to get the right solution for the particular infertility issue that you are facing. For that, the issue needs to be rightly diagnosed. We make sure that your actual issue is diagnosed and the right and specific treatment is selected for you. 

 Who Do We Have With Us To Help You?

We have with us the one who is ready to go beyond the traditional realms to provide you with personalised care and protection, our very own Chief Fertility Consultant Dr Sharath P Devdas. He is accompanied by our Scientific Director – Dr Raju R Nair, Chief Anesthetist – Dr Muraleedharan A K, Sr. Embryologist and IVF Lab Director – Mr Sonu T Lukose, and Sexual Medicine Consultant – Dr Anju Krishna G, at the helm. 

Male Infertility

The causes of male infertility can be as different as possible. Some of the common ones are insufficient sperm count, less mobile sperm, blocks in the genital tract or even some genetic conditions. 

Female Infertility

The causes of female infertility are more wide. It can be due to any damage to the fallopian tubes, issues in the cervical muscle and cervical mucus, PCOS, and other disorders of the uterus. 

Infertility vs You

Being infertile might not be really your fault, unless you are exposed to the overuse of alcohol and cigarettes, but it can in turn, be a problem for you. You will be restricted from starting a family and entering parenthood. 

Best infertility hospital in kerala

Best infertility hospital in kerala

Best infertility hospital

We Are As Strong As The Best Infertility Specialist In Kerala. 

As we said above, our strength lies in our ability to find the issues and treat them right at the root level. For that, we are empowered with the guidance, expertise, and insights of one of the best infertility specialist teams in Kerala.