Male Fertility Foods To Avoid For Optimal Reproductive Health

male fertility foods to avoid

Even after having years of frequent unprotected sexual intercourse, some heterosexual couples may find it very difficult to conceive. It is highly frustrating and disappointing. In some of these cases, male infertility plays a part. 

Globally a fair percentage of male human beings suffer from infertility and infertility-related health problems. Studies on sperm quality show that the quality of male sperm is declining. Different factors, even increasing pollution, contribute to this seemingly concerning issue. The birth rate around the globe has been declining at an alarming rate. Few of the developed countries are already facing the consequences of low fertility. Growing rates of male infertility have a crucial role in this crisis. 

Even though male infertility is a growing issue, there are proven treatments for eradicating this problem. But rather than getting infertility treatment, trying to sustain fertility is a better approach. Male infertility urgently needs a new and scientific approach to its prevention. Lifestyle plays a vital role in this. The food a person consumes can make or break health, just like food plays a critical part in determining sperm quality.

To maintain the quality of sperm, a person should avoid certain foods which can directly affect fertility. Before that, it is essential to learn about male infertility. Read along!

Male Fertility and Fertility Challenges

The ability to produce healthy and quality semen alone can’t determine the fertility of a male human being. Many factors like hormonal and genetic are involved in determining male fertility. Still, the quality of sperm stays as a crucial male fertility dictating criterion.

A fertile adult male can produce millions of quality sperm in a day. Many reasons can result in infertility. The male’s inability to impregnate the female is called male infertility. Male fertility faces many challenges few of them are :

  • Producing a lower number of sperm
  • Poor quality of sperm
  • Abnormal shape of sperm
  • Blockage
  • Ejaculation problems
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Varicocele – A condition seen in males that results in the enlargement of veins in the scrotum.
  • Imbalanced hormone production
  • Cryptorchidism – A condition in which the testicles remain undescended even after a few months of birth. A  baby boy will not have visible testicles in the scrotum.
  • Radiation exposure
  • Exposure to certain toxic chemicals and pesticides

These are some of the challenges one may face in maintaining fertility. A male human being facing infertility issues may have some symptoms like:

  • The small quantity of fluid during the time of ejaculation
  • Finding difficulties in maintaining an erection
  • Finding it difficult to ejaculate
  • The appearance of lump and swelling on testicles
  • The feeling of pain around the testicles
  • Decreased production of body hair
  • Frequent infections

Many of these symptoms may not be the reasons for infertility. But the occurrence of these symptoms can sometimes be a sign of infertility. Consult a medical health professional if the symptoms persist.

Altogether several medical and genetic disorders play significant roles in male infertility. 

Aside from all these reasons, the food habit also affects the fertility of a male human being. One must avoid unhealthy food from their diet. There are a few food items to stay away from to protect fertility.

Top 7 Food Items That Can Kill Male Fertility

Having a family is indeed a blessing. The couples trying to conceive must consider a lot of factors beforehand. One of them has to be the diet. Do not let the food you eat kill your dream. Stay away from these food items to keep all those good quality sperms alive and healthy.

1. Trans Fat

French fries, Margarine, Ice cream, Pizza, burgers, and all those commercially baked cakes and cookies, the list of food containing transfat goes on. All the food items containing TFA (Trans Fatty Acid) have the power to affect sperm morphology adversely.

2. Alcohol

alcohol drinking men

Alcohol consumption is a big no to anyone who is trying to conceive. In men, alcohol consumption can lead to infertility issues. According to research taking alcohol for long periods or heavy drinking can destroy the quality of sperm and even reduce the production of semen. It will also lead to decreased production of testosterone.

3. Product With High Fat  

Dairy products like whole milk, cheese, and heavy cream will create an adverse effect on sperm motility and its shape. Sperm will not swim properly, and it may also lead to the production of abnormally shaped sperm.

4. Processed Meat

Anyone eating chemically preserved meat three times a day may find it difficult to conceive. Eating a lot of smoked and chemically processed meat will result in poor sperm quality.

5. Soy

Prolonged and excessive intake of soy products will result in reduced concentrations of sperm. It can also lead to the production of weak sperm in men. But eating soy products once in a while does not do any harm. Excessive intake may result in infertility in men.

6. Canned Food Products

Canned Food Products

BPA or Bisphenol A is a synthetic compound mainly used in producing consumer products. While making canned food products, metal cans will get a coat of substance containing BPA. Prolonged use of canned food can contribute to the reduction of testosterone levels.

7. Carbonated Drinks

Studies have shown that men who do not drink carbonated drinks produce quality sperm. Daily intake of carbonated drinks can damage sperm motility and its quality. It can potentially damage the overall sperm profile.

Eating any of these food items occasionally will not cause infertility. Though, large quantities of consumption over a long period can lead to infertility and related complication. 

To improve fertility, men can include the following food items in their diet:

  • Incorporate veggies like carrots, potatoes, spinach, and broccoli into the diet. All these vegetables are rich in antioxidants.
  • Whole grains and nuts are natural sources of zinc. Eat them to improve hormone levels.
  • Fruits like tomatoes, watermelons, Apricots, and grapefruits are rich sources of lycopene. Lycopene is a pigment that contains powerful antioxidants. Red-colored vegetables and fruits contain this. Consuming foods that contain this pigment will improve sperm motility.

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Human infertility is an alarming crisis in the world. Globally around 30 Million men are estimated to suffer from infertility. There are several reasons for male infertility. Genetics and chromosome disorders are a reason. But lifestyle factors also contribute to infertility. The unhealthy lifestyle of men increases the chance of infertility. Lack of physical activity, excessive alcohol consumption, drug abuse, eating disorders, and unhealthy food habits have detrimental impacts.

However, there are various treatments for male infertility. Assisted reproductive technology like IVF is also a better option for infertile couples. Looking for ways to maintain fertility is better than spending money and effort on treating infertility. 

Men with no underlying genetic and prior medical problems can also develop infertility. Taking care of your food habit can potentially help. Turning unhealthy eating habits into healthy food habits can save overall health.

Avoiding certain foods improves fertility but do not obsess over a particular diet. Try to shift to a healthier diet. What you eat will have a direct impact on the body. Do not avoid any symptoms of infertility. Consult a medical professional if needed.

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