Fertility Treatment Concerns: Does IVF Cause Fatigue?

Fertility Treatment Concerns Does IVF Cause Fatigue

In vitro fertilization or IVF is considered to be the most effective option in fertility treatment. IVF method has given hope and fulfilled the ambition of many people who wanted to have their own progeny. As with any other method of treatment, IVF will also cause side effects that are short-term and Fatigue is one among them. Most of the women who are undergoing the IVF method face the same. IVF is not a simple procedure. It takes many tests for successful completion. Mature eggs are collected from ovaries and fertilized using sperm outside the body. The fertilized eggs will be transferred to a uterus. It takes a minimum of three weeks to complete the procedure.

Why Does Fatigue Occur During IVF?

Fatigue is a common symptom of a successful pregnancy. It is common to face fatigue during pregnancy as a sign of changes occurring in the body. Hormonal imbalance is considered to be the main reason for fatigue in IVF. As part of the treatment, progesterone levels in women’s bodies can be increased. Medications will be provided to increase progesterone levels to support the health of the fertilized embryo. Drugs that are consumed as part of the treatment may also cause fatigue. Camping, breast tenderness, hot flashes, headaches, anxiety, and mood swings are also very common during the period. Fatigue can also consider as the body’s method to respond to the embryo which is transferred to the female body or uterus.  

Does IVF Cause Fatigue

Tips To Manage

It is a temporary discomfort. It will never last long. Having that feeling with full of expectation and hope will provide you with a positive mindset and help you stay away from fatigue. Fatigue in IVF is caused by increased progesterone levels and fertility drugs. To dilute the effects and save you from fatigue, it is highly recommended to drink plenty of water. It will improve blood circulation though out the body and help you to decrease tiredness and fatigue. 

Stages Of IVF That Cause Fatigue

Women may experience fatigue throughout the process of IVF but are more pronounced during some particular stages. Fatigue can be severe in the beginning days as the body will take time to get used to the medicines. It is mainly due to the drastic changes that happened to the hormone cycle of women. There are three stages in which fatigue is severe during IVF. 

  • Ovulation and egg release: Women may face fatigue as they have during their periods in the beginning days of the treatment plans. The treatment begins with ovarian stimulation, in which the body is getting ready to produce healthy eggs. Doctors will prescribe drugs during the [period which will cause an imbalance in the hormone level. The medications will stimulate ovaries and create a suitable atmosphere to produce mature eggs. 
  • Transfer the embryo: The embryo which is fertilized in the laboratory will be transferred to the uterus and will be implanted on the uterus wall. Medications will be given to thicken the uterus wall for easy implanting of the embryo. Women will also face fatigue while the body accepts the embryo as the art of it. 
  • Early weeks of pregnancy: After the embryo transfer the women will be started to have pregnancy fatigue which is common. The crucial period of pregnancy fatigue is a few weeks after the embryo transfer. It may last up to 3 to 4 months.

Helpful Fatigue Management Tools

Fatigue in IVF can be troublesome and difficult to manage as the causes like hormonal imbalance and effects of fertility drugs are a bit severe. Anyhow, the mom-to-be should have the patience to overcome the stage with confidence, mindfulness, hope, and peace of mind. See that you are in a process that will end in extreme happiness. Here are a few steps or tips that can be followed to reduce fatigue due to IVF and pregnancy. Do not hesitate to discuss your difficulties with your fertility center as they can help you to an extent. 

  • Ensure quality sleep: Quality sleep can prevent fatigue to an extent. It is also advised to take naps while you feel so. 
  • Be happy:  Finding quality time for doing hands-on things and finding yourself f engaged throughout the day can keep you happy and stress-free. It will restrict you from developing anxiety and stress. 
  • Hope for the best: Always realize that you are going to be blessed with a baby that you dreamt of for years or months and know that the fatigue and other difficulties that you are facing now are all temporary. 
  • Meditation for the soul: You are nourishing your body with enough medications, food, and water. It is equally important to nourish your mind with meditation to stay away from fatigue.
  • Keep yourself active: Light exercises can relax you. You can get an expert’s opinion regarding the intensity of the exercise that is allowed during IVF and pregnancy. 
  • Healthy diet: It is very important to follow a healthy diet that supplements all the essential nutrients for the well-being of the mother and baby during pregnancy. See that you are not forgetting to eat well. Ensure that you are consuming veggies and fruits raw. 

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