About Us

Learn more about Fertility First IVF and how we can help you on your journey towards parenthood. Discover our exceptional team of experts, advanced fertility treatments, and compassionate care that sets us apart. Explore our commitment to your success and the unwavering support we provide every step of the way.

Who We Are

Hearts Malabar Super Speciality is a trusted name among medical care institutions, formed by a group of doctors with the intent of providing highly scientific treatment to needy patients at an affordable cost. Renowned for its cardiology department, especially in the field of complex interventional cardiology procedures, HMS hospital is well equipped to take all high-risk obstetrics and gynaecology cases.

Fertility First is devoted to realising a couple’s dream of having children. As the name suggests, we are only committed to the cause of fertility and not any of the particular means to reach it. Our core values are rooted in sincerity, care and providing the highest form of medical care while upholding the highest of ethical standards.

Every aspect of the clinic is designed to give comfort, privacy and a sense of security to the couple. Our team is highly trained not only in medical care but also in nurturing the emotional wellbeing of the families who seek our services.


Fertility First envisions to be the most reliable fertility service provider with a consistent medical care network, providing services of the best quality and the most value. Only the most advanced and optimal diagnostic equipment, labs, technology and manpower will be used to achieve this objective.


To every couple that avails our service, we provide honest and reliable fertility services, based on evidence centred treatment practices, sincere care with the guiding goal of giving parents the joy of having a happy, healthy child.

Our Team

Dr.Sharath P Devdas

Chief Fertility Consultant & Managing Director

Doctor Devdas is a beacon of hope for couples longing for parenthood, as he passionately strives to make their dreams a reality. His unwavering dedication, combined with his global experience, has equipped him with a profound understanding of the emotional and medical complexities involved in the fertility journey. With utmost openness and respect, Doctor Devdas goes beyond the realm of medicine, offering personalized care that embraces the holistic needs of his patients.

Doctor Sararth Devdas

Dr. Raju R Nair

Scientific Director

Dr. Muraleedharan A K

Chief Anesthetist

Mr. Sonu T Lukose

Sr Embryologist & IVF Lab Director

Dr.Anju Krishna G

Sexual Medicine Consultant


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