Fertility Yoga Poses: Boost Your Chances Of Conception!

Fertility Yoga Poses Boost Your Chances Of Conception

The number of infertility cases has been increasing lately. When you ask why, our fingers unanimously point at one thing and that is our evolved lifestyle. The modern lifestyle has drifted our priorities from health to money and from working to stressing. Do you think you will be able to win anything by putting your health at risk? 

Stress is one of the most common unwanted gifts that you get when you run behind on worldly assets. In the long run, you are going to miss several factors; fertility being one of them. 

Obviously, your first choice would be opting for some kind of medical assistance that treats infertility. While medications might be able to cure a part of the condition, the significance of stress and anxiety that leads to infertility has to be addressed, and only appropriate yoga practices can deal with them. Others are left with anxiety after none of the medications or the advanced technologies helped them to conceive. Either way, the practice of fertility yoga is of great significance and you should be learning to practice them when needed to suggest to your dear and near ones who are in need. In this article, we are going to discuss the different fertility yoga poses that will increase your fertility. But before that, shouldn’t you be knowing the role of yoga in improving your fertility? So, read on. 

How Does Yoga Help Promote Fertility? 

Yoga is simply an adaptation of specific bodily postures that are meant to boost your mental health. While no yoga poses are proven to directly support the reproductive system by enhancing the qualities of egg and sperm, it helps your body adapt to a condition in which conceiving is easy.

Fertility Yoga Poses 

This is not a man-made concept but is backed by science. A study has found that women undergoing assisted reproductive technologies showed positive results when they incorporated fertility yoga poses into their lifestyles. Those women might otherwise have not been able to conceive because of the increased stress and anxiety caused by these medical treatments. Therefore, you need not have to underestimate the power of fertility yoga poses. 

Fertility Yoga Poses 

Various yoga poses help you conceive and some of them are as follows: 

  • Reclining Bound Angle 

Lay on your back by using a pillow for support underneath your neck, and bend your knees to make the soles of your feet meet. Allow your feet to fall open on the floor, making them look like a butterfly. While your feet are lying on the floor in a butterfly position, your arms should be laid flat facing upward direction beside you. Maintain the position for about 30 seconds and take 10-15 deep and slow breaths while you relax. 

This position relaxes your muscles located at the groin and inner thighs, thereby making you feel relieved. It is also best recommended to reduce the discomfort felt after an IVF treatment

  • Cobra Pose 

Lay down facing the floor and place your palms in such a way that it touches the floor. Make sure your palms are right below your shoulders before you start with the pose. Point your toes and stretch them against your body. Now, gently lift your upper body using the strength of your arms by keeping your toes stretched. Contract the navel and make sure that you are not stressing your glutes. By doing this, create an arch shape without tensing your back. Continue in this position for the next 20 seconds. 

Cobra pose is known to stretch both your upper and lower back and it is meant to improve the health of your uterus and ovaries by increasing the blood flow. However, keep yourself away from this particular yoga pose when you suspect pregnancy. 

  • Warrior II

Start by standing on a flat surface and take a step forward. Remember that your back foot should be pointing to the side while your front foot is pointing forward. Now, slightly bend the knee of your front leg such that it opens your body and extend your arms, one to the front and the other one to the back. 

Warrior II is good to open your hips and sides, one major pose that will increase your chance of conceiving

  • Goddess Pose

Stand on a mat with your feet 3 feet apart and them pointing outwards. Bend your elbows such that they come in a straight line with your shoulders. Your arms should be open and facing forward. As you exhale, make sure to bend your knees such that it opens your pelvis. You can imitate the squat position, and it is okay if you cannot reach that lower at first. You may slowly bend better as you grow flexible with your posture. 

The goddess pose is great to boost blood flow to the reproductive organs and it can also assist in opening your hips and pelvis. 

  • Bridge Pose

To perform a bridge pose, lay down on your feet and shoulders. As you exhale, bend your knees and push your hips up facing the ceiling. If possible, hold your hands underneath your lower back. Stay in this position until you complete 5 breaths and gently release. 

The bridge pose strengthens the sacrum and reduces any kind of inflammation in your body. It also promotes healthy functioning of the thyroid glands, thereby promoting a healthy pregnancy


From time immemorial, yoga has been considered one of the best remedies to treat mental stress and anxiety. In case you know that infertility is linked with these two, then the role of fertility yoga poses would be understood. Not only do they promote your reproductive health, but also your overall health. The significance of yoga in regaining your fertility or increasing it is not much discussed, therefore,  articles like this should reach the needy at any cost. So, share it with your friends and relatives who are suffering from lowered fertility or infertility itself. 


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