Does Female Masturbation Increase Fertility? Will It Affect Ovulation?

Female Masturbation Increase Fertility

Does female masturbation increase fertility? What if female masturbation decreases fertility?

Is masturbation even good for health? Does it have any effect on ovulation and pregnancy? 

These are a few of the questions that we get asked a lot. Is female masturbation and fertility even linked with one another?

Let’s explore the answers in this article. But before that, you should be knowing what female masturbation is. 

Self-stimulating the clitoris and the vagina is often known as female masturbation. However, it is defined differently by different people.

While some women say masturbation is fantasizing about the touch to enjoy pleasure, others say it is muscle tensing.

A class of women masturbates by touching their breasts, squeezing their thighs, or penetrating through the vagina.

It varies from one person to another as it is only based on their preferences. It is unique to each woman as masturbation is about exploring what feels good for your body. 

According to many studies, the number of masturbating women has tremendously increased over the past few years.

Although the study indicates that more women have been masturbating these days to find pleasure, it is also feasible to assume that nowadays women are more confident in revealing this secret.

But, does this indicate that the women of the current generation are more or less fertile than the others? Let’s see this in the coming sections. 

Does Female Masturbation Affect Fertility? 

The fertility of women is their ability to conceive. But how do women conceive? During intercourse, ovulation occurs and the ovaries release a matured egg.

This reached the uterus via the fallopian tube and by that time, sperm also reached the uterus.

To fertilize the egg, sperm penetrates through the outer wall of the egg. Once the fertilization is over, the embryo implants into the uterine wall. 

Female Masturbation Affect Fertility

Now, do you think any of the above-mentioned steps were involved with masturbation?

When they are not related, then how can female masturbation affect fertility? In short, masturbation doesn’t negatively affect fertilization.

So, how about in a positive way? Does female masturbation increase fertility? 

Although the answer is again not positive, moderate female masturbation can have moderate sexual benefits.

Several studies have proven that women who masturbate are more prone to maintain good gynecological health.

Although masturbating seems like it is advantageous to your sexual health, there is no proof to back this claim.

Hence it is safe to assume that female masturbation does neither bring any benefit nor cause any harm to women’s fertility when done moderately. 

Why Is Female Masturbation Associated With Infertility? 

Infertility is a global health condition that abstains a person from conceiving. The condition is of great significance as it affects society as a whole.

Infertile couples are usually distressed by the condition and they often think that their masturbation is the reason why they happened to lose their fertility.

Often such myths are considered as truths as women who masturbate have raised several questions about whether or not will not affect their fertility.

It is society that has made women believe that masturbation is not for them.

However, it is a myth that has been passed from generation to generation and hence, female masturbation is still associated with infertility, although the statement is far from the truth. 

Does Female Masturbation Affect Ovulation?

Female masturbation is not correlated with ovulation, the phase in which a female releases an egg from their ovary.

There is a specific period for ovulation and that is similar for every woman. Usually, ovulation takes place two weeks before menstruation. During this time, women are more prone to conceive.

However, masturbation that leads to orgasm, or ovulation has nothing to do with fertility. 90% of masturbating women do not even get into the reproductive system to find their pleasure.

They often stimulate the clitoris which is found away from the vaginal canal

In a nutshell, masturbation leading to orgasm and ovulation has no direct link, which means it neither prevents women from ovulating nor does it abstain. 

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Female Masturbation And Pregnancy 

Women often choose to masturbate by stimulating their clitoris. Only 1 in 10 go for penetration.

Regardless of how they masturbate, once they reach the point where they get to experience the orgasm, a hormone called oxytocin is released.

Normally, it assists in the production of vaginal mucus which makes fertilization easy by taking the sperm to the egg.

But, while masturbating, there will be no sperm, hence, the mucus thus formed will be of no use.

But, this doesn’t mean that when you enter into intercourse the mucus will stop coming.

No, it doesn’t work that way. No matter how many times a woman orgasms a day, with or without the involvement of a male partner, they will continue to produce mucus the next time.

As a result, female masturbation does not bring any impact on pregnancy. It only gives a few moments in which you can enjoy yourself.

In other words, you do not need a second person to make you feel an orgasm. 

Instances When You Should Not Masturbate 

Although masturbation has no proven side effects, it is not advised to do it when your cervix is weakened.

This means you are at high risk of masturbating when you had one or more D&C, miscarriages, or premature childbirths which may have made your cervix weak.

You are also expected not to masturbate when you are close to the labor, because, it may rupture the soft membrane that safeguards the fetus in the uterus. 

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Masturbation is simply a process in which an individual finds pleasure in their body.

Women do it in different ways to calm their desire. Although people say that female masturbation adversely affects fertility, it is only a myth.

If masturbation was to affect a woman, then it should be in a positive way only as it only helps women reduce stress.

Moreover, it also provides them with proper functioning reproductive systems.

In a way, it also improves relationships with their partners as they can suggest what makes them feel good and what leads to a turn-off, because, by the time they enter into a relationship, masturbating women must have learned every possible way to entertain them sensually.

Therefore, female masturbation is neither bad nor good, however, it certainly does not increase fertility. 

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