Benefits And Side Effects Of Female Masturbation

what are the benefits and side effects of mastrubation of females

Masturbation is a topic of great significance yet it is surrounded by different kinds of stigma. While there are individuals who publicly support male masturbation, female masturbation has always been questioned. Not only do they disapprove, but also have created several myths and misconceptions about it such as female masturbation causing insanity, blindness, excessive hair growth, and infertility. 

Several women who are interested in trying out this pleasure-giving technique, take a step back from it thinking if they lose their ability to conceive in the future. This article is exclusively for those women who think masturbation is not normal, whereas, in reality, it is. However, if you think from a religious perspective, masturbation may be wrong or immortal. 

In the coming sections, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of female masturbation. So,  scroll down if you are interested in learning about the benefits and side effects of masturbation in women. 

What Is Female Masturbation? 

Female masturbation is the stimulation of the genitals including the clitoris and vagina and vulva to enjoy sexual pleasure. Masturbation is said to improve your mood in an instant by reducing stress. It is one such habit that is well known to enhance your overall health as well. While some women only stimulate their genitals by poking them or simply touching them with their hands, others use masturbation-assisting toys which offer orgasms.

A vibrator is the most renowned sex toy that is being used by a majority of masturbating women. A class of women even engage in masturbation along with their partners. It is a kind of exploration of one another and is enjoyable. 

Benefits Of Female Masturbation

Female masturbation has many mental and physical benefits and they are as follows:  

Improves Your Confidence 

Masturbation is a method to express self-love and support which will gradually increase your confidence and strength. It helps you explore yourself in ways that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Masturbation assists you both physically and emotionally and you can do it in your comfort. 

Relieves Depression  

Masturbation is said to reduce stress and relieve depression because your body releases a hormone called dopamine and epinephrine, both of which are known as mood-boosting hormones when you are aroused. When the levels of these hormones increase in your body, you become automatically happy and stress-free. 

Improves The Relationship With Your Partner  

When you know your physical traits, you can make suggestions to improve the quality of the intimacies you have with your partner. Your partner may not be capable of identifying what is pleasurable to you. So, if you know what makes you aroused, then you both can have a good intimate time, which will eventually make your relationship stronger than before. 

Prevents Cervical Infections 

Cervical infections can be prevented to an extent with the help of masturbation. During the process of genital stimulation, your cervix releases cervical mucus which comes out of the vagina along with the germs from the cervix.

Females with urinary tract infections are more likely to masturbate and it is so good for their health. It reduces the risk of cervical infections by preventing the condition from getting worse. 

Improves Your Sleep Quality 

Masturbating women experiences improved quality of sleep as it is known to deal with insomnia. It is the overall calmness in your body that leads to improved sleep. 

Strengthen Your Pelvic Region 

Strengthening of the pelvic region is one of the benefits of female masturbation. It helps increase the blood pressure in the clitoris, increase the heart rate, and also lifts the uterus from the pelvic floor. 

Prevents The Narrowing Of The Vagina 

Women who are close to their menopause experience pain during intercourse due to narrowed vagina. But, masturbation in females helps to maintain the original structure of the vagina by increasing the blood flow to those regions. 

Decrease The Risk Of Heart Disease 

Masturbating women have greater resistance to distressing conditions such as heart disease and diabetes mellitus type 2. Women who experience orgasms of greater frequency are more likely to protect themselves from these conditions. 

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Side Effects Of Female Masturbation 

Although masturbation does not have any disadvantages, it brings negative outcomes when done excessively. The following are the side effects of masturbation in women.  

side effects of female mastrubation 
  • Back Pain 

When women excessively masturbate, it ends up contracting the pelvic muscle causing pain and cramps in the lower back. It is one of the side effects of masturbation and can be reduced if you stop masturbating very frequently. 

  • Decreased Sexual Sensitivity 

When you masturbate very often, you will get used to it and sexual arousal will be eventually lost. Your sexual sensitivity also decreases with time. But, if you incorporate sex toys like a vibrator in the stimulation process, you might regain normal sexual function and lubrication as well. 

  • Causes addiction 

When you find masturbation as an escape from reality and real-time relationships, then you are overdoing it and it may end up in addiction. You can realize whether or not you are addicted by the way how you can prevent yourself from doing it. If you are unable to stop yourself from masturbating, then it is high time to consult a doctor. If not, this will interfere with your daily life. 

  • Guilt 

A feeling of guilt is something that always comes after you masturbate. It is one of the common side effects of masturbation, be it women or men. This is mainly because of the religious restrictions. So, after you masturbate, a feeling of shame is more likely to haunt you, destroying the entire day. 

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If you are someone going through this, discussing it with a psychologist might be beneficial for you. 


Masturbating women are often judged by society. It is the misconceptions regarding female masturbation that are urging people to consider it a sin. However, masturbation is considered to be a sin in different religions, and if you are a believer, then you can move on accordingly, but if you giving up on enjoying the self-pleasure method just because of the fear of society, then it is time to change your mindset.

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