Top 10 Fertility Centres in Kerala: Kerala’s Top 10 Fertility Centres

Top Fertility Centres in Kerala

It is a bliss to become a parent and bring your biological child into the world. However, if we observe, the cases of infertility are rising in society. Lifestyle changes are responsible for it.

However, we observe that in the last two to three decades, young couples have decided to get married late. They try to adjust in their careers and families, thus further postponing becoming a parent.

Hospital NameFertility Success rateRating
Fertility First IVF Center, Kerala60%-75%4.9/5
Craft Hospital and Research Centre60%-75%4.7/5
Kokoori Laparoscopic & IVF Clinic, Kerala  60%-75%4.1/5
GIFT – Gyno IVF Centre, Kerala 60%-75%4.4/5
ARMC IVF Clinic60%-75%4.8/5
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital) 60%-75%3.7/5
Dream Flower IVF Centre, Kerala 60%-75%4.5/5
Credence Family Hospital and IVF Center, Kerala 60%-75%4.1/5
Vijaya Fertility Clinic60%-75%4.0/5
CIMAR Fertility Centre, Kerala  60%-75%4.4/5

Although it is justified scientifically, the golden period for a girl to get pregnant is (21- 30). Females are born with a limited number of eggs. With age the quantity and quality of egg reduces. Thus, as fertility reduces, the outcome also decreases, so visiting a fertility clinic becomes the only option left.

There are so many fertility treatment centres available in Kerala but how to trust all the centers, we try to rank the top 10 fertility centres in Kerala.

 The best fertility centers in Kerala are as follows:

1. Fertility First IVF Centre

The best and leading fertility center in Kerala is Fertility First IVF Centre. They have a dedicated team here that ensures innovative, compassionate, and tailor-made care to help parenthood dreams come true.

Fertility First IVF Center Kottakkal Malappuram

Their best aspect is that with modern technology and empathetic professionals achieving results is further possible. It is an established clinic and has been giving positive results for more than two decades.

What I liked about their clinic is that they are equipped to handle even the most challenging situations. The experts use the most suitable and cost-effective option based on their interactions with the patients.

How do we trust a fertility clinic entirely based on their results? The client’s testimonials speak volumes about the work they do.

They have formulated a patient-centered approach; thus, parents trust them for positive results. Throughout the journey and even after that, they offer unwavering support, thus becoming the only ray of hope for parents.

2. Craft Hospital and Research Centre

Another leading fertility center in Kerala. It has a qualified team and an experienced team of fertility specialists. They offer advanced fertility treatments like IVF, ICSI, IUI, and more.


Here, comprehensive infertility treatment is extended based on parents’ physical, emotional, and psychological needs. Thus it is not only the technology but the human touch that brings positive results.

Based on ethics and transparency, Craft Hospital works to deliver the desired results.  Team of experienced professionals who offer the best fertility treatments. Importantly, the team of experienced professionals offers the best fertility treatments.

Incorporating the latest trends and the latest technology is what helped them deliver the desired results. Understanding the challenges of parents and catering accordingly is practiced here.

They offer the best care so parents can trust them and walk the journey with them to reach the parenthood destination. 

3. Kakoori Laparoscopy and IVF Clinic

Kakoori Laparoscopy IVF Clinic is an infertility center founded by Dr. Sivadas V Kakoori. The center has helped thousands of parents to achieve their results.

It has followed various procedures. Provides the best dedicated infertility treatment based on efficient diagnosis, start of art medical support, and compassionate care.


Depending on the case, they offer the treatment, thus ensuring positive outcomes. Here, I observed that for each case, depending on the age of the couple, severity of infertility, duration of infertility, and other situations, the doctor offers the course of action. 

Here, they offer care and treatment that helps women to achieve positive results. Technology advancement, following international standards of sterilization, proven protocols of treatment, and more assure positive outcomes.

Here they offer a high level of dedication along with social commitment to assure patient satisfaction. They have a specific team that constantly reviews the patients and they upgrade their course of action.

4. GIFT- Gyno IVF centre, Kerala

The Gyno Specialty Centre was established by U.K. returned doctor couple Dr. Mani and Dr. Anitha Mani in 2003. It is a center that caters to the needs of high-risk pregnancies, infertility, and laparoscopic surgery.

ART or assisted reproductive techniques like IVF, and ICSI are practiced at the center. The excellent teamwork and high patient satisfaction have brought the center to the list of successful fertility centers.


The doctors here are rigorously trained and impart the best treatment as per the patient’s requirements. Spread over a massive area of 16,000 square feet, the hospital is well-maintained and has the best start of art technology to cater to the needs of the patients.

Importantly, both the founding doctors highly advocate that patients should first be treated without intervention. If no results are found, then only surgical procedures should be put to use. 

5. A.R.M.C. IVF Fertility Centre

Any fertility treatment requires prior medical tests; thus, it implies that an ample amount of time and money is required.


At the ARMC IVF center on the very first visit, all the required tests are done at quite low prices. Also, they have an option that in cases you have done the tests and are here for a second opinion, they accept your test results.

The complete system of work here is transparent and tailored in a way that works in the best interest of the patients. The machines used for testing and operation are the latest, and therefore, the success rate is high.

Once you get the tests done here on your first visit, after, you can take six months to decide if you will consider getting the treatment. This gives ample time to the patients to get prepared financially, physically, and emotionally.

6. Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences

Situated in Kochi, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences is one of the most trusted hospitals in South Asia. They offer affordable care by a team of dedicated experts using the best technology thus ensuring proven results.


They provide the best care even to the poor and not-so-economically viable sections of society. Rather, health care to the masses without any discrimination was the vision for starting the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences.

Spread over a sprawling area of 125 acres of land, they have ninety-five percent patient occupancy, which screams and commits about its success.

Using the best technology for treating infertility and making it cost-effective has made the hospital one of the leading facilities. They house the latest and advanced diagnosis and surgical equipment to ensure positive outcomes of the visits.

7. Dream Flower IVF Centre Kerala

Giving wings to any couple’s parenthood journey; Dream Flower has proved worthy of its name. It is one of the first healthcare centers that has stood the test of time and served for more than half a century.


The infertility treatment offered here is tailor-made and specific to the patient’s requirements. They offer advanced infertility treatments like IVF, IUI, and IVF-ICSI that guarantee the desired results.

The guiding principles of the hospital are transparency, dedication, precision, and teamwork, all of which work to bring the desired results. On the first visit they study the case in detail, consider the patient’s age, causes of infertility, duration of infertility, and then depending on the results make some commitment. The best team and latest equipment ensure that no patient is denied their basic right to treatment.

8. Credence Family Hospital and IVF Centre Kerala

Credence Hospital started as one of the biggest healthcare centers in assisted Reproduction in South India in 2001. They provide genuine and best medical care and thus have a registered success rate at par with international standards.


Credence has the honor of getting the tag of being the first exclusive and comprehensive multispeciality Women’s Health hospital in South India. Offering advanced and easy-to-access medical care to women is the first step toward establishing a healthy society.

It not only provides infertility treatment but also offers other treatments. Rather It offers A to Z of healthcare, and especially, for women they have everything covered.

Breaking the norms it offers maternity services and much more to the females. They offer intrauterine fetal therapy, cord blood banking, and advanced genetic services.

9. Vijaya Fertility Clinic

founded by Dr. N.P. Vijayalakshmi, Vijaya Fertility Center is a leading fertility treatment and endoscopy center. It is the same hospital that proudly claims to have achieved the first test tube baby in Kerala state.

Vijaya Fertility Clinic

The doctor started her career and hospital from scratch and worked hard with dedication to bring it to its present glory. The hospital strives to offer world-class treatment to infertile patients.

It worked hard to be the first IVF center and other ART services. So far, they have carried out thousands of IVF and ICSI cycles and have a proven success rate of 50%. It has a success rate of thirty percent when it comes to take-home baby rates.

The figures are high compared to the medical centers in the world. The hospital was started when Dr. Vijaya observed that local Kerala people were going to other states to get infertility treatment. This triggered her, and she decided to make Kerala a pioneer in the field of infertility treatment.

10. Centre for Infertility Management and Assisted Reproduction Fertility Centre, Kerala- CIMAR

CIMAR is not a regular hospital. It is the epitome of excellence in the healthcare sector. It houses world-class facilities, an experienced team of experts, the best technology, and empathetic care that makes it one of the best facilities in town.

10. Centre for Infertility Management and Assisted Reproduction Fertility Centre, Kerala- CIMAR

It is well connected, yet it is far from the hustle of the city, making it easier for the patients to get here and relax. The hospital is designed so that the finest details are focused on assuring complete patient care. It has a high success rate as it focuses on giving tailor-made treatments at the most affordable rates. 


It is deemed that a woman is complete only after embracing motherhood. No matter what her achievements here being a biological mother defines her existence; breaking the patriarchy and accepting that there is an infertility issue is itself a big step. The infertility centers address both the physical and emotional well-being of the mother. Infertility centers should be opted not only for the machines that they have but for the concern and support that they can extend to their patients.  

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